Breathe LLC
Michael-Ann Matticoli


I’m Michael-Ann Matticoli, owner of Breathe LLC.  I provide accounting and project support services for creative entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. I can work with you on a temporary or long-term basis and/or in an on-site or virtual capacity. 

As a consultant who manages various aspects of the accounting cycle, I create accurate and meaningful reports that help to make your life (and your tax preparer’s life!) a lot easier.  Whether you need help with routine tasks or assistance at the end of the month (or even just at the end of the year), I offer an array of services that can help you. 

My deepest intention is to create a space and level of comfort that allows you to take a deep breath…a long sigh of relief…so you can re-focus your energy on what it is that lights you up.

“If you want to change the world, you have to change the metaphor.”
—Joseph Campbell